A Quick Guide to Making a Firstplus PPI Claim

Firstplus is another bank to be found guilty of mis-selling PPI policies to its customers. And just like the other banks, Firstplus is regulated by the Financial Services Authority and must abide by its regulations when it comes to the processing and settlement of PPI claims.

Have You Been the Victim of PPI Mis-selling?

Research has shown that there are many problem areas when it comes to the mis-selling of PPI, including:

Borrowers are often sold policies which are totally inappropriate to their situation – for example, a self-employed person would find it hard to make a claim if they were out of work.
Borrowers not being aware of the restrictions and limitations of many PPI policies.
Borrowers not being aware that some PPI policies do not cover the duration of the loan.
Borrowers were not advised of cheaper options available.
Policies were sold to unemployed borrowers or borrowers with pre-existing medical conditions that were not identified at time of application.
And the list goes on. Thankfully, the insurance industry became regulated stringently in 2005 and it soon became apparent to the FSA that mis-selling was on the increase. As more and more customers began to make complaints, the need to impose new restrictions and regulations on the industry was obvious.

Claim Back Your Money Today

Thanks to these new regulations, we are able to give our customers a voice when it comes to making a claim against Firstplus. Firstplus usually make a PPI claims decision within eight weeks of any claim being made. When you bring your claim to us we will do our utmost to ensure that your claim is settled as quickly as possible and that you receive your compensation without delay.

Check your paperwork and statements today. Check your mortgage, your credit card statements and any personal loan paperwork you may have. Look for any instance of payment protection insurance and then get in touch with our helpful and friendly team.

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