Who we are

RYM Claims is run by our Principal, Martin Knipe, who has a strong background in banking and finance.  Martin has been dealing with consumer complaints against Banks since the late 1990s.  With this experience, and the experience of our small team of staff that Martin employs, “RYM Claims” is able to provide an opportunity for any client who does not know, or is unaware, that they may have or have had Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).


If you do not have any paperwork or information in relation to products or facilities that you had, but you are aware of who you borrowed the money from, then “RYM Claims” gives those people the opportunity to establish if PPI was applied (regardless of how long ago).  Once the information has been established as to whether PPI has been applied, “RYM Claims” can then look at making a claim on their client’s behalf in relation to the PPI and the selling of the policy.


If, for some reason, there is no refund (i.e. because the policy is too old, the information is just not available from the Bank, or there was in fact no PPI) then there is no fee at all to pay.  The only time that a fee will become payable is if a refund is agreed.  In the case of a refund, a percentage is then invoiced for payment to “RYM Claims”.  That percentage payment is 25% which includes VAT.


When looking at making any form of refund, we would always seek from the Bank making an offer, details of not only the PPI premiums, but also the interest, and compensatory interest upon the facility that the claim is made against.  


We look at all forms of facility that you have had in the past.  These can range from loans, credit cards, mortgages, hire purchase (HP), store cards and any other forms of hire purchase.  PPI can relate to those people who are consumers or, in some cases in business, where this form of insurance has been applied, either knowingly, or behind the backdoor.  We look at seeking redress in full on your behalf, should any mis-sale be located and agreed.


With our experience, and our small team of a handful of staff, we are able to deal with individual cases as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  We offer regular contact by email, telephone, or in some cases through correspondence.  Clients therefore have all of our direct contact details.  Martin Knipe is also free to oversee all claims, particularly those that require more time and expertise with certain Lenders, which can be tricky.


In addition to the recovery of Payment Protection Insurance, as a Firm we also deal with a whole host of other forms of complaint and disputes on behalf of clients in relation to financial firms.  PPI is, at present, the largest proportion of this.  However, we also deal with a tremendous number of Packaged Bank Account (PBA) claims, as well as claims in relation to mortgages, pensions and other investments.  


We believe in a no-nonsense, honest approach, to the way that we deal with financial firms and our clients, in order to make sure that we obtain a satisfactory conclusion on all counts.  
Our expertise is always put to the test, certainly in relation to the older claims.  However, we have developed a good working relationship with a lot of the Lenders.  They are extremely helpful when providing the information, which is ultimately the most important tool in our armoury.  With this information, we are able to establish if PPI was applied.  Once we know this, then of course we can go for the jugular!  

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