Capital One PPI Claims

If you have taken out a Capital One credit card, you may be paying for PPI. Check your credit card statements for monthly payments towards card cover. Some customers have taken out PPI without even being aware of it.

I Have a Capital One PPI Policy – What Should I Do Next?

It’s very important that you check over your PPI policy documentation now. Not all PPI policies were missold and it’s essential that we have all the facts before we progress with your claim.

PPI in itself isn’t always a bad thing to have. It can provide excellent protection for those who lose their jobs or who cannot work due to illness. However, the methods used by the banks to sell PPI over the years have resulted in totally unsuitable policies being sold to many customers.

We advise anybody that has taken out a credit card with Capital One to check their statements and paperwork to see if there are any instances of PPI they were not aware of. If there are and you feel that you didn’t want or need this type of insurance, contact us today for a free, no obligation assessment of your claim.

Take Control and Start the Claims Process Today

Just like many other high street banks offering PPI, Capital One policies were often missold to customers who either did not want or need the cover or who knew nothing about the cover being added. You may even have been told PPI was compulsory.

Thanks to the FSA taking action to prevent the mis-selling of PPI, Capital One and other lenders are now issuing full refunds to their customers. We will get started on your claim straight away and claim back any premiums you have paid, plus interest where applicable.

Make the call to our team today to begin the claims process and get your money back.

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