Claim Compensation for mis sold Black Horse PPI

The FSA has instructed all banks to write to any customers who may have been missold PPI. If you are a Black Horse customer then you could be entitled to PPI compensation if you have taken out a credit agreement over the years. PPI policies can be added to mortgages, credit cards, and personal loans.

Confused About How To Make a Claim? Haven’t Received a Letter?

Black Horse should have given you clear instructions on what to do next, but sometimes the wording can be a little confusing. You might also be wondering if you are eligible to make a claim. Why not let us handle everything on your behalf? We have years of experience in dealing with Black Horse PPI claims and can get your claim processed quickly and without delay.

Don’t worry if you have not received a letter yet. If you have the paperwork for your credit agreement, that’s all we need to get started. We will handle everything on your behalf, taking the stress out of the claims process.

Why Make a Claim?

Banks have mis-sold these policies to consumers who didn’t want or need them. You could have been paying for a policy that you are ineligible to make a claim on. This is wasted money which you can now reclaim.

More and more consumers are starting to make a stand against the banks by making PPI claims to claim back these insurance premiums. We can help with Black Horse PPI claims and claims with any other lenders so if you have a number of credit agreements that include PPI, we can help. You could be entitled to hundreds and even thousands of pounds back in compensation.

Call Us Now to Get Started

Finding out more is free and we are always very honest about our fee and our service. We will work hard to win you the compensation you deserve in the shortest space of time. Speak to our expert team today to get started.

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