The FCA have set a deadline of august 2019 to submit claims in relation to PPI. It is essential if you have not looked in to old facilities for credit cards, loans, mortgages etc from the 1990’sonward that you do so. There is no cost if no PPI is found only paying a fee if PPI is refunded.

FCA PPI Deadline August 2019 Take Action Now

Almost ¾ of PPI policies have not been claimed and with the door closing in August 2019 on potential claims it is essential if you have had borrowing in the past that has not been checked or you’re unsure as to whether PPI was applied you do so now before it’s too late.

Pay-outs to Date

Up until December 2017 approximately £30 billion has been refunded with estimates that if all claims are made and paid a total of a hundred billion pounds would be refunded in total.

We predict that another £5billion to £10 billion will be refunded and therefore over half of policies will not be claimed and the banks will have one in the consumer would have lost! The FCA PPI adverts have been established to make sure as many people as possible get the chance to claim.

What is PPI

PPI or payment protection insurance was sold by banks and lenders from the late 1980s through to 2010. It was an extremely expensive insurance cover placed on borrowing that was not only very expensive but also did not cover clients for the vast majority of potential claims. The banks made huge amounts of money from these policies so if you had any form of borrowing from loans credit cards mortgages through to store cards and car finance from the late 1980s onwards there is a good chance payment protection insurance would have been applied.

What if you don’t know if you had PPI or you don’t have paperwork?

The vast majority of people do not know if PPI was applied and they certainly, due to the passage of time do not have any paperwork or information. This does not stop making an enquiry and claim should PPI be established. In order to work on a consumer’s behalf all we need is the name of the lender and address or addresses they might have known you are. Of course if you do have information great, but if not that is all we need to stop the  potential claim.

How much will it cost me to check?

We work purely on a no win no fee basis whereby if no PPI is found, if no details can be located or for whatever reason there is no refund if PPI is established then there is no fee to pay, our fee is purely no win no fee, which is 20% plus VAT (equivalent to 24% inclusive) of any refund made.

Why us

We are happy to look at any lender over any period of time with or without information other than the name of the lender. The account can be in operation still or it could have been closed many years ago. You don’t even need to know whether PPI was applied not.

Our managing director Martin Knipe has been dealing with banking complaints and disputes since the late 1990s and has considerable experience in representing clients in all forms of claim. We represent many clients now looking at payment protection insurance either to establish the PPI was not applied or to obtain a refund if payment protection insurance can be established.

What do I do now?

Before the August 2019 if you have not checked or established if payment protection insurance was applied to facilities that you had in the past you must do so now. We look forward to receiving your email enquiry shortly.

Your information

We do not and have never agreed with any form of cold calling and as such your details do not pass your details to any third parties. You will not be contacted other than by post following your initial enquiry or by an email confirming receipt of your details.

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