Free PPI Claims Checker

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Offering a PPI claims checker service enables us to review any payment protection insurance that could have been applied to facilities that the client would have had going back in some cases to the 1980s. It doesn’t matter if the facility is still in operation or has been closed or whether the client has any paperwork or information, we can still look on their behalf all on a no win no fee basis. If you haven’t checked it is essential you do so.

It does not necessarily mean that we will be successful which is why we work on a purely no win no fee basis. In that if facilities are for whatever reason not located or there is no PPI applied or ultimately that there is PPI but for some reason a refund is not made then there is no fee to pay.

With the PPI deadline set for August 2019 it is essential to check any facilities that you may have had in the past with any lender. They can range from loans, credit cards, mortgages or store cards. They can be in any number, any date and with any information if you have any if indeed you do have any infromation.

The banks at present have refunded over £30 billion at the beginning of 2018 and this is likely to increase to over £40 billion where according to information by the financial conduct authority there still remains about 60% of policies that are yet to be challenged. Make sure you’re not one of them!

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