Get Expert Assistance With Your Barclaycard PPI Claim

Barclays has had a tough few years for one reason or another and nothing escapes the press’s attention when hot on the heels of a new banking scandal. The FSA has fined Barclays millions for their part in the payment protection swindle that has rocked the financial world in recent years. If you are a Barclays or Barclaycard customer paying for PPI, you could be entitled to claim your payments back.

Get started with your claim today
Whether you took out a Barclaycard last year or 6 years ago and if you are or were paying PPI, you should find out whether you can make a claim. The sooner you start your claim, the sooner we can work towards obtaining a refund on your behalf.

PPI Claims – Where You Stand

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and the Financial Services Authority have demonstrated that substantial mis-selling has been carried out across the banking industry in relation to PPI. It has been increasingly difficult to find cases of mis-sold PPI when the customers themselves are not aware that they are paying for this insurance.
According to the Banking Times “lenders who sell PPI can expect to earn £1,200 from a policy that costs only£20 to provide”. Historically, PPI has been profitable for the banks but they have now had to set aside billions of pounds to compensate those who were mis-sold this type of policy.

We Operate A Simple No Win no Fee Claims Procedure

Our claims advisors know all there is to know about making a Barclaycard compensation claim and can get the process started without delay. Speak to us today to find out more about this process and how much you could be entitled to. If for any reason we are unable to demonstrate that you were wrongly sold a payment protection plan, you won’t owe us a penny.

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