Lloyds PPI Claims – Get the Full Sum Owing To You And Nothing Less

Lloyds has put aside hundreds of millions of pounds to compensate those who have been mis-sold PPI. Lloyds know that there are thousands of their missold PPI policies that are still active and that customers will be looking to claim back the compensation they deserve. Even if you have an old policy that has expired, you could still be eligible to make a claim.

Making a Claim Couldn’t Be Easier

With our years of experience in handling Lloyds PPI claims and claims with other lenders, we will have your claim processed as quickly as possible. We leave no stone unturned when filing your claim and will ensure you are paid back every penny you have paid out. Interest is also claimable in many cases.

These policies often contain small print which means that some people are ineligible to claim on the policy due to employment status or pre-existing medical conditions.

The Financial Services Authority has imposed strict guidelines and regulations governing the selling of PPI and how banks handle PPI claims. We know the new legislation inside out and also know how to get the best result in the quickest possible time.

Our Team Has Helped Countless Lloyds Customers

Get in touch with our claims team today to find out how much you could potentially be paid out in compensation. All we need are the details of your credit agreements and the accompanying paperwork. We can then get started on making your claim and getting you the compensation that is rightfully yours.

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