MBNA PPI Claims – How to Reclaim Your Money

If you have an MBNA credit card or another credit product from the company, you might want to check your statement to see if you are paying payment protection insurance. Whether you took this insurance out under the advice of an MBNA representative or you didn’t realise you were paying the premiums, you could be entitled to make a PPI claim.

Why Was PPI Missold?

In the past decade, the FSA estimates that over 20 million PPI policies have been sold to customers in the UK. Many of these policies were sold to customers without the policy being explained. In some cases the customer did not even realise that they were agreeing to take out payment protection insurance.

Did MBNA Mis-sell PPI To You?

Take a look at your statements. Look at the total you are paying and check whether you are paying PPI alongside your normal credit card repayment. If you are, it’s really worth giving us a call. So many policies were missold to customers and even if you asked for PPI to be included you could be eligible to make a claim.

Just like the other banks caught up in the PPI scandal, MBNA had a duty to their customers to ensure the right insurance product was provided. So many times PPI was sold to customers that were not eligible to make a claim, e.g. the unemployed or self-employed.

Claim Back Your Payments Today

You have the full backing of the Financial Services Authority when making a claim for PPI compensation. We have handled many MBNA PPI claims and we would be delighted to help you with your claim today. All it takes is one phone call and your paperwork to get started. Or simply complete our online claims form.

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