Missold PPI By Halifax? Claim Your Money Back Today

If you have taken out a loan, mortgage or credit card with Halifax, you may be due a refund. The average PPI compensation claim is currently around £2,750 so it’s worth checking your documentation to see whether you have taken out this type of policy.

Are You Entitled To Make a Claim?
Customers of Halifax did not get away unscathed and as a result this high street giant has put aside millions of pounds to deal with the backlash of consumer PPI claims.

As long as you have your paperwork available we can investigate your history to see if you have grounds to make a claim. Even if your credit agreement has come to an end or you stopped the PPI payments we can still build a strong case. We can fight on your behalf to win you back your payments, plus interest in many cases.

A Speedy Resolution
We advise anybody to check their statements now to ensure you are not paying for PPI that you don’t need, and if you are to give us a call. We can get the Halifax PPI claims process started quickly so that you get your compensation paid out as quickly as possible. The banks have been ordered to respond to PPI claims in a set period of time by the FSA and we will do everything in our power to make the process is quick and as painless as possible.

Give our team a call now and we can give you the lowdown on the PPI claims process and how much you could be entitled to. Or if you’d prefer, simply complete our online claim and we’ll be in touch with you to get your claim started.

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