Need Help With Making a Northern Rock PPI Claim? Ask the Experts

The payment protection insurance scandal continues to hit the headlines as more and more banks are brought to task over the mis-selling of policies. If you have been a victim of a missold policy through Northern Rock or you have noticed that you are paying for insurance that you didn’t know was included in your credit agreement, we can help.

Making a Northern Rock PPI claim is easy when you have our expertise on your side. We can get started right away and will have your claim settled in no time. You might think that you are not eligible to make a claim because your loan or mortgage has ended or you took out your policy years ago. The truth is that we have settled compensation claims for very old policies even if they have expired or been cancelled by the customer.

Thousands of Northern Rock Customers Have Claimed Their Money Back

We can also help if you have a number of credit agreements with Northern Rock and other lenders. It doesn’t matter how many instances of PPI you are paying – we can investigate each individually and build a strong case for compensation. You may also be entitled to interest on top of your compensation figure.

Many of the high street banks, including Northern Rock, have set aside millions of pounds in preparation for the PPI claims that customers now have a right to make.

Claim Back Thousands in Missold PPI

Give us a call to discuss your PPI claim or complete our simple online claim form. We can assess your individual situation and give you an idea of how much you could be entitled to in compensation. Some of our customers have won compensation sums in the high thousands and depending on your situation you could do the same. Give our helpful team a call today and find out where you stand.

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