Can I Claim back PPI Without the Original Paperwork or Policy Number?

If you do not have (as the majority of people do not) any original or other paperwork or details of the policy or account number in relation to facilities that you had in the past, which could or may well have had Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) applied on them, then this does not preclude you from enquiring as to whether PPI was applied, or not.


The vast majority of people quite rightly disposed of information in order to protect their own security in relation to the mis-sale of PPI on facilities that were, or have been closed, or are certainly old enough not to have information held of a personal nature.  We are always made aware of our own personal information and security breaches that are so relevant nowadays through the internet. Therefore, protecting your information by destroying that which is unnecessary, is absolutely correct.  It is not for clients to pre-empt that the Banks would behave so badly in the sale of Payment Protection Insurance, that it would warrant the maintenance of information in order to deal with potential mis-sale queries in years, or even decades, after the facility was open and the Payment Protection Insurance was potentially taken in the first place.


To date, up until the end of 2015, approximately £30billion has been refunded in relation to PPI claims made.  The large majority of these claims that have already been paid out, are irrespective of those claims where clients had account details or knew Payment Protection Insurance was applied.  The facilities were ultimately largely those from the early 2000s onwards.  However, these are only a small number in relation to the PPI policies that were applied, and of course mis-sold, in the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s and which have not been reviewed for Payment Protection Insurance and the potential mis-sale.  This is mainly due to the reluctance of those with the facilities not knowing if PPI was applied in the first place, and certainly not having the details that they believe to be relevant in relation to submitting a claim.  Those details of course being the original paperwork or policy number.  


This is however not true.  We represent many thousands of clients who are in exactly the same situation, where they do not have any information, such as the account number or relevant paperwork, to confirm if PPI was applied.  In turn, they have no information detailing the PPI premiums.  


However, we work on behalf of these clients purely on a “No Win No Fee” basis, so if it is established that there was no PPI, or for some reason no facilities can be located, then there is no fee to pay (which protects our clients).


We call upon our expertise which we have built up over the last 18 years of dealing with client disputes against Banks.  We have established a strong record of locating information which has otherwise been dismissed by other Firms, or the Banks themselves when a client has approached.  This allows us to locate Payment Protection Insurance, and ultimately when doing so, obtain a refund on behalf of the client.  These refunds have been considerable, bearing in mind the length of time that has passed, and the accumulated effect of the interest building against any potential claim that we do look at.


Therefore, if you do fall into the group of people who has not made a claim, or established whether Payment Protection Insurance has been applied, then you must do so without delay!  There is no loss to you if PPI is not found, or the information is too old.  It is certainly worthwhile doing as we have obtained refunds in relation to claims of this nature worth many thousands of pounds, which would have otherwise gone unclaimed and without benefitting yourself, as the customer.  


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