When is the PPI Deadline Date

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When is the PPI Deadline date?  The financial conduct authority has set a PPI claims deadline date for August 2019. If you have allowed the PPI madness of the last few years to pass you by believing that you were not involved or you can be bothered then think again, so many of our clients have believed PPI didn’t apply to them until we checked. The thing is until you do you just don’t know!

The financial conduct authority or FCA released paperwork in 2017 which showed that of the approximate 65 million policies sold, 13 million had been challenged. Bearing in mind refunds to date stand at the end of 2017 just over £30 billion you can imagine how much money is still remaining as claimable. It is essential that if you have not checked if you had PPI or not, that you do so and don’t leave it to wonder if this whole PPI nonsense really did effect you after the deadline. This will then be too late

It does not matter what facility you had it can be a credit card, store card, mortgage or any other type of borrowing facility. The facility itself could be open or closed, either way we can look on your behalf all on a no win no fee basis so if you do not have PPI or facility details cannot be located for whatever reason there is no fee to pay.

We can check if you live abroad or if your partner or relative is deceased. We have been successful in checking old claims or if firms you have used have not been able to help.

Many commentators were arguing that the deadline should not be put in place. With the figures that have come out from the financial conduct authority about how many policies remain unchallenged the commentators are probably right as millions of people will sadly not benefit from possible mis-sales of payment protection insurance.

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